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All-Inclusive Archery Moose Hunts in Alberta

All-Inclusive Archery Moose Hunts in Alberta

Archery Moose Hunts

Giant Canadian Moose Bow Hunts

There is no question that our area holds the largest Canadian moose in all of Alberta. Bulls in the region are of the caliber of Yukon/Alaskan moose. Many 55” plus bulls have been taken with the potential of harvesting up to a 65” bull. A mature bull moose will weigh over 1300lbs and it is quite a sight when you see a couple of these monsters fight, which we often do on this hunt.

All of our guides are experienced moose callers and know the country inside out. If you want a high-energy hunt with a lot of action this is the adventure of a lifetime.


Archery-Only Hunts

Archery-Only Moose Hunts

Our Canadian moose hunts are catered exclusively to bow hunters. By remaining archery-only, we are able to keep the pressure on our moose to a  minimum and maintain excellent genetics in our bulls. All of our guides have been guiding archery moose hunts for decades and are bow hunters themselves, which allows them to understand the exact needs of their bow hunting clients. They know what setups are going to be most successful, and most importantly, how close you need to get. Our guides have become expert moose callers over the years and are able to pull bulls into close range, which of course is a must for bow hunters. You can have big bulls coming out of your ears, but if you can't get them to commit to a call and come within bow range, the hunt will be a bust regardless.

Hunting big moose at close range is the ultimate bow hunting experience!


What to Expect

What to Expect on Your
Alberta Moose Bow Hunt

These moose hunts take place on both private land and public land/crown land during the moose rut in September and October. This is the best time to hunt moose, as big bulls are spending all of their time looking for cows and are easily called in by experienced callers like our guides. We spend a lot of time driving around in 4-wheelers and trucks to get to different areas, but we also spend a good amount of time on foot - still hunting through areas that we know are likely to hold a bull or two. Whether we drive or hike, the goal is to move between spots and try different calling setups until we get a good response from a bull. When we finally have a bull coming in on a string, the excitement is almost overwhelming. Nothing compares to the sound of a giant bull slowly cracking his way through the brush as he lets out deep, guttural grunts. Close encounters with giant Canadian moose are what we live for!

During your hunt, you will be staying in hunting cabins on our property where you can expect to have a hot shower and a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of the day. We only take up to 4 hunters in a group, and do not mix groups at all - you do not have to worry about sharing camp with strangers. These hunts will be guided 1x1, so your guide's only focus will be getting you a bull. Our success rates on our moose hunts average 80-90%, with a 100% opportunity rate in most cases. In other words, you can safely expect to at least have a good opportunity at a bull.

If you are looking to hunt big bull moose at a much more affordable price than the Yukon or Alaska, this Alberta moose hunt is for you!